Foggy Windows

“I can see clearly now… oh, wait no I can’t! Do you have foggy window glass?


RWS-Tulsa-Foggy-Windows-we-fixDouble-paned units are manufactured by taking two standard pieces of either single or double strength glass separated by a metal spacer. After the glass is spaced, a layer of sealant material is applied. The sealant material of most insulated glass is a butyl rubber compound (the black layer in the picture below). As time goes on, this rubber-type material dries out, becomes less elastic, and eventually pulls apart between the glass and the IG spacer.

With the extremes of hot and cold, dry and humid, windows really get abused in Oklahoma.

When the hermetic seal is broken somewhere around the edge of an insulated glass unit (IG Unit), outside air is allowed to seep into the internal air space of the double pane glass. This is called seal failure. Outside air is humid and contains moisture. Once this moisture gets in between the two panes of glass, it saturates the desiccant material and is trapped within the IG spacer. That’s when most people notice a problem with their windows. This trapped moisture has nowhere to go leaving a moisture filled or foggy window, which acts much like a terrarium.


Rarely does this condition ever go away by itself. In fact, it normally just gets worse and worse- until all visibility is lost! The harsh Oklahoma climate, age and poorly designed builder grade windows are the main culprits causing window panes to get foggy (seal failure). Like many things, window seals become weaker over time. In addition to reducing your R-value, foggy windows contribute to your windows becoming increasingly brittle over time which is a safety concern for your family.

If your home is more than 10 years old, there is a high likelihood you are experiencing windows with seal failure.

How Are Foggy Windows Repaired?

The industry standard for repairing insulated glass with seal failure is to replace the faulty IG Unit within the existing window frame. Our experienced window glass installer precisely measures the faulty IG unit. Then a new, sealed IG unit is procured from an insulated glass manufacturer. A time is then scheduled convenient for the homeowner to perform the replacement. Specific methods are used to remove the faulty IG unit, clean the frame, and install the newly sealed IG unit. A quality technician will properly install the new IG unit and clean the glass and we do!


Buying or Selling…

RWS-Tulsa-Windows-real-estateMany times when it comes time to buy or sell a home, homeowners are faced with a dilemma on how to handle those broken or foggy windows that show up on their home inspection. Foggy window glass is truly a pay now or pay later situation for home owners, if you have ever bought or sold a home with foggy or moisture filled windows you know exactly what that is. If you bought a home with faulty window glass, you may have gotten a discount on the home sale price for the amount needed to make the glass repairs. If you sold a home with faulty glass, chances are you were the one who had to lower the sale price to compensate for the window repairs. Since you will be paying for foggy window repair/replacement one way or another, we encourage you to enjoy all the benefits that new window glass affords by doing it prior to selling. Not only will your home look nicer and show better when it is time to sell, you will be more comfortable and save money on utility expenses while you are living there. We have seen way too many homeowners pay for nice new window glass for the new home owners at the closing table- when they sell the house. We believe it is far better for homeowners to repair prior to the sale to take advantage of our economical prices and get a higher price on the sale of their home.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your window and glass repair needs!


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